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Flat Face Quick Couplings
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Series “A” is the evolution of Stucchi technology
and quality applied to flat face couplings.
- High resistance material to allow the achievement of higher operating pressure and minimal pressure drop
- Flexibility to offer several types of threads or special ports in order to satisfy diverse applications
- High performance is necessary with the elimination of fluid loss and contamination in the circuit
Interchange: ISO 16028 and NFPA T3.20.15 (HTMA)
The “APM” male flat face coupling series is the Stucchi ideal solution to hydraulic applications where there is the requirement to connect the circuit with internal residual pressure.
- Triple valve system: double internal pressure release valve and the flat face valve
- Allows the connection of couplings with the presence of high internal residual pressure without fluid loss
- Interchange: ISO 16028 and NFPA T3.20.15 (HTMA)
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The “FL” flat face coupling series is the Stucchi solution for applications in high corrosion environments and/or for corrosive fluid transfer in applications such as: offshore, marine, industrial equipment, chemical, Pharmaceutical and food processing
- Stainless steel AISI 316, standard seals are Viton / Flourocarbon with the option of other seal materials
- AX series Flat face couplings in stainless steel, with modular structure allows the flexibility to offer several types of threads or specialty ports
Interchange: ISO 16028 and NFPA T3.20.15 (HTMA)
The “VEP-P/VEP-HD” screw flat face coupling series are designed for heavy duty applications with high operating pressure, high impulse frequency, and mechanical stress.The screw connection system eliminates the premature wear or “brinnelling” typically associated with locking ball connection systems when used in high impulse circuits.
- Triple valve system allows a connection of the coupling safely even in presence of high internal residual pressure
- “VEP-HD” couplings in high resistance carbon steel material treated with special nitriding treatment to increase the wear resistance of the coupling and has been tested to 1 million impulse cycles
- Available in Option of Code 62 Flange Port and Head Connection Type
Interchange: Stucchi internal specifications
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“FIRG” is the “original one” of the flat face
coupling series.
- Eliminates leakage during connection-disconnection and reduces contamination in the circuit
- “FIRG-Q” flat-face couplings is in carbon
steel and treated with special nitriding and
oxidation treatment for with greater resistance to corrosion and is suitable for mildly corrosive environments and/or for relatively corrosive fluid
transfer (ex.: sweet water, water and glycol
Interchange: ISO 16028 and NFPA T3.20.15 (HTMA)
“A-HP” is the flat face coupling series designed for high pressure hydraulic applications
up to 720 bar / 10,440 psi with high resistance carbon steel with maximum safety features.
- Eliminates leakage during connecting
and disconnecting. 
- Automatic safety lock prevents accidental
Interchange: Stucchi internal specifications
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