Volume crimping machines - ideal for crimping hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals and industrial hose up to 6".

Hose Crimping Machines - V series Production
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H crimping machines - crimping hydraulic hoses up to 2 1/2" six spirals and industrial hose up to 4".

Hose Crimping Machines - H series
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Manual and 12V crimping machines - Suitable for On site and Mobile van or lorry.

Hose Crimping Machines - Manual and 12V
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Hose cutting machines - Cutting hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals, Stand box, table top and Mobile 12V

Hose Cutting Machine
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Hose skiving and Insert machines - Skiving and Insert hydraulic hoses up to 3" six spirals, table top, Mobile 12V and Manual hand Skive

Hose Skiving and Insert Machine
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Multifuction machines of Tube Bending, Pre-assembly of DIN 2353 rings, Flaring 37 cone and deburring of stainless and carbon steel tubings. Sizes from 6 to 42mm and 1/4" to 11/2" tubings.

Tube Bending, Pre-assembly, Flaring and Deburring
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For full catalogue of hose and tubing processing machines from OP, please contact Hybrid Engineering.

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